Protect The Dream!

Bring it the Hard Core music…

Tonight!! Get ready!!

This is my style.
Whether you like or not.
We don’t care.
Come on go ahead.
Welcome and take a look around!

Do you play drum? If you do. You know what I’m talking about.
Hit the crash cymbal!
Now! Hit it!

You feel the energy? No? Hit it again!

What about the snare drum? You feel the sound? No? Try harder!
Balance me right here, right now!

Hit it! Now!

You can’t play the drum with your mind.
The sound will ugly.
Play it with your soul.
Let it flow.

Let’s do this again!!

You ready to start? Balance me here!
Prepare your drum stick.
Prepare your position to hit.
Hear the sound in ur mind.
Now, hit it by soul!

That’s it.
That’s right over there. I like it!
I love the way it sound.
Now, you get it.

Hit the drum again! Faster! Harder! Let me hear!

Yow yow brother. Hold on for a second.
Hold the drum hit. I wanna know.
How do you feel right now after you play it with your soul?!

Take my advice here.
After you finish with the drum lesson.
Don’t play my style.
Play it with your own style.

Because you got your own soul

Written By: Haryo Bimo Suryaningprang


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