Nutrilon – Life Starts Here

Sebuah Inspirasi dari iklan Susu Nutrilon – Life Starts Here. Sebuah Inspirasi untuk bermimpi besar.

Lets call on the interested,
The Wide-Eyed, The Hopeful,
The Princesses and the Princes,
Their Believer

Let’s summon the Generals,
The Creates, The Kings and the Knights start ride the adventurous trail.

Lets call on the Leaders,
The Lover, The Big ones and the Small ones.
The Been-There’s, The Done-That’s, The Discoverers,
The Conductor, The Scientist, The CEO.

Lets call on the Sky Walkers,
The Movers, The Shakers.

Lets call on the Curious
And bring on the hope.

Life Starts Here.

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