Hidden Energy

Courtesy Image: Wikipedia

Courtesy Image: Wikipedia

Every human have potential blast energy inside that make environment surround will notice. Unless, the human it self didn’t care about it.

Some human blast it periodically in small amount, some blast it in one moment but in a huge amount of energy. What makes it different?

It different from each humans, because of different characteristics, circumstances and critical moments.

Some potential energy blast in positive way and some in negative way. It depends on which part that human experience moments.

In time, this potential energy have to blast anyway. This is a natural condition in every human life to make balance.

Used for any reason in human life, this will effect the result of any human purpose, desire, or any will. And there will be lesson in it.

Somehow, this inside potential energy will help you learn, grow and understand.

Blast It!

HBS, 11/08/14


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