Pesan Merapi (The Message of Mount Merapi)

Pesan Merapi

Aku tak suka mengalah, dan juga tidak ingin dikalahkan. Namun pasti menepati janji, hanya ingin minta maaf kalau ada yang tertabrak, terseret, terbawa, kebanjiran dan tenggelam karena menghalangi jalan yang akan saya lewati

I don’t like to give in, and also don’t want to be defeated. But surely keep promises, just want to apologize if anyone got hit, dragged, carried away, flooded and sank due to stand in the way which I will pass

Mount Merapi is one of most active volcano in the world. Last eruption in 2010, give many destruction to near villages and city. It located on the border between Central Java and Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

Photo Taken: HBS (06062015)

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