Astana, Underdog Champion

(Photo by Getty Images)

Welcome FC Astana of Kazakhstan to Champions League (UCL). You will face giant champions here..

In another way, you made it somehow….. To make your supporters have wider smile. To make people of Kazakhstan proud for being first club of the nation who made it through the UCL. Historical.

Dude, you maybe a small club in appearance. You’ll get underestimated. You’ll be the underdog. But hey, you got nothing to lose.

Doesn’t matter if you fail
Doesn’t matter if you lose/win
Doesn’t matter if you get destroyed
Seriously, It doesn’t matter……….

You will share the same euforia with those Giant Champions. The same experiences…..
….To feel
….To fight
….To play the game

Hold on, champ!!

“When there’s nothing left to keep you here… When you’re falling behind in this big blue world… Oh you got to hold on.. Got to hold on” – Tom Waits Lyric

Info: FC Astana founded in 2009, Won their first league in 2014 and get to UCL Qualifying Round 2015/2016. They beat FC Pyunik, NK Maribor, HJK Helsinki and later beat APOEL Nicosia in Play Off Round 2-1 on aggregate.

#uefachampionsleague #astana #kazakhstan #football #championsleague

Respect From Indonesia,
HBS – 27082015


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