Image: lcfc.com

“I am not a fan of Leicester City FC (LCFC). But, I do a fan of beautiful stories and awesome peoples in any circumstances”

132 Years ago established
They walk up and down through the time
They were climb from the bottom
On and on, uncertain unplanned
Out of budget, colorless
Look for any direction to someplace called Premier League

People inside, took a serious chances without big pressure or expectation
Yet, there are lots of room for joke and laugh

They use exile players, do they motivated?
They trust to managers without a league title, he struggle for it
They look like what they have shown previously.
Everyone outside agree

But, wait a moment
Bring the self mirror
Look at your reflection
Look at your inside reflection
Look again, and tell us what you see
Can find any big heart of yours

Loyal supporters, 132 Years generation to generation
Unshakeable, they sing their chants
Not easily down, not easily discourage

They march, no fear being insulted
They walk, no fear being degraded

No big names,
No big stadium,
No big resources,
No, no and no

They keep on the pitch
With much bigger heart

“Congratulations LCFC, for making new history (First ever Premier League Title: 2015-2016) and another legendary story for football lovers. Foxes Never Quit”

HBS, 03/05/2016



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