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Hello! I’m Bimo or You can call me Obi. An Indonesian, born in May 1985. A middle son from three childrens. Proud Husband of Fika Astari. Proud Father of Bilal Arka Suryaningprang and Navdanya Zhafira Suryaningprang. An uncle from an adorable niece & a handsome nephew. Fans of Football Club Juventus (Italy) & West Ham United (England). Founder of eLKaPe Indonesia. A person who interest in writing, adventuring, photographing, learning & willing to hard work for the people whom I love.

Halo! Saya Bimo atau biasa dipanggil Obi. Seorang Indonesia, lahir Mei 1985. Anak ke 2 dari 3 bersaudara. Seorang suami yang bangga dari Fika Astari. Seorang ayah yang bangga dari Bilal Arka Suryaningprang. Seorang paman dari 2 keponakan. Penggemar klub sepakbola Juventus (Italia) & West Ham United (Inggris). Pendiri eLKaPe Indonesia. Seorang yang gemar menulis, berpetualang, fotografi, belajar dan berusaha berjuang untuk orang-orang yang dicintainya.

“Never look back. But learn from it. Focus on your goals in life. Just do what your heart say. Do it with all your heart. Get up when you get knock down. Stand up. Be brave. Be honor. Be responsible. Be humble. Be patience. Be kind. Be yourself”

I was a Drummer. I’m a Painting Admirer. I was a Goal Keeper. I was a Backpacker. I’m a Free Independent Traveler. I’m an Adventurer. I’m a Risk Taker. I’m a Movie Lover. I’m an Animal Lover. I’m a Sleeper. I’m a Chocoholic. I’m a Nature Lover. I’m a Non Alcoholic Guy. I’m a Family Guy. I’m a Photographing Lover

Don’t like talk too much. Don’t like being Betrayed. Don’t like Cockroach. Don’t like Material Girl. Don’t like Conventional Style. Love Green Color. Love to Read Book & Novel. Love to Eat a lot. Love Indonesian Traditional Music. Love to Write Something.


I’m Proud to be an Indonesian, Husband,  Father and Adventurer.

“It might Nothing, but It is Everything”

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+++ I Hope You Enjoy My Blog+++

+++ Semoga Kalian Dapat Menikmati Blog Saya +++


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